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Wireless security camera systems from DOS  Technologies consist of wireless transmitter and receiver antennas and allow closed circuit cameras or IP security cameras to transmit a wireless signal. These systems are used in situations where cable dredging is not practical or is cost prohibitive. Wireless CCTV Camera UAE.

Wireless CCTV can be used, for the most part, in any circumstance that a normal CCTV would be used, but with the understandable advantages in installation and maintenance costs.


A straightforward example where wireless greatly surpasses the excellence and performance of traditional CCTV is using it with moving trains. Wireless CCTV Camera UAE is quickly gaining approval as the security or monitoring measure of choice in such environments. Another Wireless CCTV Camera UAE technique that gains more and more popularity is the spy cam area. Evidently, when hearing the term spy cam we think of something that belongs either to someone starring in an action James-Bond type of movie or to someone that will use it for some ill-behaved purposes.Although it might be true that the enhanced concealment capability of such Wireless CCTV Camera UAE spy cams can be used for such purposes, they are becoming crucial in crime monitoring, crime prevention and so forth. A few simply examples could include hidden wireless cams to keep an eye on crime in areas such as metro stations, banks, stores or institutions.  There is a definite debate going around as to whether or not wireless cams will prove to be efficient in sinking crime or not, since a number of people believe that the fact that the camera is actually visible is a reason that reduces the chance of a crime happening. Contact us for Wireless CCTV Camera UAE , Dubai.

Still, in spite of the obvious benefits of Wireless CCTV Camera UAE, theres still a streak of disagreement that surrounds the subject, especially when it comes to using them in public areas. Taking regular screenshots and performing ID checks on people under surveillance in public areas is considered by many an attack to ones privacy.

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Another hefty group of people recognize this as an acceptable restriction to privacy, if the system proves successful in revealing terrorists, car thieves, murderers or other criminals in time. Regardless of which side one takes, several governments already took a firm position about the use of wireless cameras in the future, as part of national security and protection programs. We are the best integrators of Wireless CCTV Camera UAE.

Wireless security  –    Wireless CCTV Camera UAE

Analog wireless transmits the video directly. Any receiver capable of receiving the correct frequency can receive this and display the resulting image. This means the signal is insecure and can even be received by nearby devices inadvertently.

Digital wireless uses the 802.11x communication standard also know as wi-fi. This standard has various encryption methods built in making it very easy to add security to the transmission. The data can be encrypted before transmission and then decrypted by a receiver with the correct security key. Any receiver without a matching security key will be unable to decrypt the signal and view an image. We can install Wireless CCTV Camera UAE.

Wireless CCTV  

Analog and hybrid digital cameras output images using analog signals. This makes wireless transmission of these types of cameras unreliable and insecure. Low cost wireless CCTV cameras use analog transmitters and are generally a poor choice as a security device.

Each analog wireless device requires a unique frequency. As a result the number of units that can be installed within the same area is very low and multiple devices often interfere with each other.

Due to the limitations of analog wireless signals, connecting CCTV cameras with a cable has previously been the method favoured by professional CCTV installers.

Wireless IP CCTV systems

Modern advances in CCTV technology now allow cameras known as IP CCTV cameras to transmit images as data. Data can be transmitted digitally meaning that the signals are less prone to interference, are more secure and can be transmitted over greater distances. Wireless CCTV Camera UAE are the no:1 installers of Wireless CCTV Camera UAE.

Multiple wireless IP cameras can use the same frequency as the data identifies the camera. This allows sites to have large numbers of wireless cameras without risk of interference.

IP CCTV is however more advanced technology making equipment costs higher and configuration more complex. Inexperienced users should seek professional advice when considering a wireless IP CCTV installation.


Conclusion  –   DOS TECHNOLOGIES

Wireless CCTV Camera UAE , Wireless technology would rarely be a first choice for connecting CCTV cameras. Cables are secure, reliable and inexpensive over short distances. There are times however when it is impractical to use a cable to link devices. If this is the case a professionally installed digital wireless CCTV camera is the best solution. Digital wireless cameras can even be added to analog systems saving the cost of a complete upgrade. If your application requires use of wireless technology our advice is to look for a digital IP based system.

If you need help or information about wireless CCTV technology speak to an experienced wireless CCTV installer , DOS Technologies.



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