ANPR-Camera-UAEANPR Camera UAE is used for the recording of vehicles passing by a particular location where the control set is installed. The international abbreviation ANPR is Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The camera at the control point captures a high resolution picture, from which it is possible to separate letters and numbers, and sends them to the command-control centre. So it is possible to instantly detect and locate stolen, unregistered or in some other way suspicious vehicles. This system can also be used for control of access by vehicles to zones with limited access rights .

The control points are equipped with a number plate recognition system, which consists of a high-resolution camera and a computer running image-processing software. In the event that the information about the colour or type of the vehicle does not match the information from the database, or the vehicle does not have valid number plates, the nearest police patrol is notified at once. The system can also be used for the detection of traffic violations – passing through red lights, speeding, movement in a prohibited direction, etc. An additional optional feature of this system is pattern recognition  of a vehicle of interest or group of such vehicles at any location in the system. When a suspicious vehicle is recognised and flagged in the centre the entire system is notified and it is possible to recognise and detect the passage of that vehicle anywhere in the system.We provide the best solution for ANPR Camera UAE. We supply and install ANPR Camera UAE.

DOS Technologies supply and install Cameras have been developed specifically for the challenging requirements of ANPR where vehicle registration numbers (VRNs) need to be automatically read reliably at high speeds, in the dark and with glare created by the vehicle’s lights.

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ANPR – Parking Systems

ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) are placed at both the entrance and exit points of your car park, the ANPR Cameras UAE then capture and process the details of all vehicles entering and leaving your car park. The NPR will then identify any non-authorized vehicles using your facilities or any vehicles exceeding the maximum stay period. Vehicle’s parked in breach of the terms and conditions will then be sent a parking charge through the post within 48 hours of the offence. This system is the ideal solution if you wish to resolve the problem of non-customers persistently using your free facilities.

DOS Technologies are the best suppliers and installers of ANPR parking management systems(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) . Our products are developed and produced in-house in which only the best components available on the market are used. Each component is thoroughly tested for quality and durability ensuring a solid, state of the art system.

ANPR – Highway Systems

The High­ways Agency’s ANPR Cam­eras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) read a Vehicle Reg­is­tra­tion Num­ber (VRN) as vehi­cles pass them. The num­ber plates are imme­di­ately con­verted though a math­e­mat­i­cal process into non-unique ref­er­ence num­bers at the road­side and the same num­ber plate will gen­er­ate the same tag on every pass of a ANPR Cam­era. It is not pos­si­ble to accu­rately derive the orig­i­nal num­ber plate from the tag which is not unique to a num­ber plate i.e. a num­ber of dif­fer­ent num­ber plates can pro­duce the same tag. The sys­tem presently records about 14 mil­lion tags a day and the ANPR Cam­era sys­tem trans­mits the fol­low­ing data at 5 minute intervals.

ANPR recording system contains infrared (IR) camera, as final defense system that recording entire image of passing vehicle. This defends system is considering for the fail of reading tag and number plate. This is how the total solution system works. It is almost achieve 100 percentage of deduction. Contact us for ANPR Camera UAE.


  • Monitor vehicle movements
  • Enforce limited waiting regimes
  • Validate the registration number against a known vehicle permit
  • Improve security
  • Detect black listed vehicles
  • Online log on for visitors
  • Issue Virtual Permits
  • Automatically raise the entry barrier for permitted vehicles

Vehicle Speed and Capture Rate – ANPR Camera UAE

Another very important consideration is the speed of the vehicles to be monitored and the width of the area to be covered. There are again two important interrelated elements connected with vehicle speed. One is the rate of the image grabber software the other is the speed of the processor. With modern processors the latter can no be ignored.

Camera options

DOS Technologies can provide ANPR camera UAE in a wide variety of different formats from standard external pole/bracket mounted; bollard cameras, even cameras built into vehicles.

CCTV Products and Services – DOS Technologies

DOS Tech dealing with  Samsung, Pelco, Hikvision, VivotekAxis, CPPLUS, Bosch and many more. As a reputable and experienced CCTV installer, we can provide a dedicated CCTV installation specification and a high quality CCTV installation UAE to suite any property and budget. Our expertise engineers install ANPR Camera UAE.

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